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The Team



Surf Experiences

Throughout the year we offer time at the beach.  This can be anything from a one one one introduction to surfing in the Pacific Northwest to a customized surf program for your organization or community.

We will be offering many events on social media as well posting opportunities for meet ups and specialized events on the coast that ties in community, mental well being and respect for one another. and our environment.

Water Knowledge

Customizable and scheduled workshops will be announced throughout the year.  The offerings will include Charts 101 with Tides and Currents that can eventually weave into voyage planning and adventure racing.

Beginning in 2024 we will start offering  Paddle Camps.  Located in Kenmore WA camps will include guest speakers, films that speak to the healing powers of the water, healthy food and friendships.....


SEASTR has procured a vessel, Valkyrie, which will be used to expand the tools available to women on the water. Valkyrie Project’s mission is to have a foundation boat and a cyclical program that our community can depend upon that partners with local organizations in creating access and opportunity for sailing in the PNW.

Stand Up Paddling

Erica Lichty offers one on one paddle lessons from entry level to adventure race preparedness.  Keep your eyes out for local events and clinics!

Maritime Access & Education

The Northwest is a Maritime 'hub'.  The connection between access to the water and the potential livelihood associated with it has not been made as available as it should be.  Whether you are looking at obtaining your Washington State Boaters Card or your United Sates Coast Guard License we can help guide you in the right direction and help you make the connection needed to further your endeavors.

Selkie Program I Paddling

Environmental Awareness &
Low Impact Racing

We have partnered up with Trash Tramp Inc to help draw the connection between our love for the water and stewardship.  Every time we ask for permission to enter the water we must give something in return.  Being aware of the environment around you, leaving it healthier than when you entered it, changing your frame of mind when it comes to the impact of your activity and the ripple effects surrounding it...

We incorporate metrics and visuals to our events and offer solutions and advice.  The communities involvement always generates creative solutions and personal tips. This is inevitably carried into other circles, homes and gatherings.

The Future....

WE are the future...we have the ability to change things now and although we might not cover as much ground as we hope to or see the full bloom of our labor we can rest assured that by bettering ourselves we create healthier relationships and can inspire those around us.  Reach back and offer a hand to those coming up behind you.

 While access to the maritime community is a multi-faceted conversation, our low-cost programming aims to help alleviate the financial factor, break down the barrier of affluence, and encourage equal access. Inclusion will change the way this world operates and with reciprocity we create sustainability

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