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Introducing young women to possibilities within themselves and develop a relationship with the water.

Participation in water sports can empower young women by boosting their self-confidence, self-esteem, and sense of accomplishment. As they develop their skills, young women gain a greater sense of control over their bodies and abilities, helping them challenge societal norms and take on leadership roles both within the sports community and in other areas of their lives.

Youth paddle camps offer a pathway for young women to recognize their potential. This space allows them to discover possibilities and a version of themselves that is strong, confident and authentic.

Youth Paddle Camps would be held at one of several Seattle area facilities that are interested in hosting and/or building a cyclical programming for the community. Instruction, talks and gear would be provided as well as several immersive 3-5 day camps in the summer that would include speakers and films pertaining to the sport and overcoming challenges and metal health.


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