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sel·kie, noun SCOTTISH: a mythical creature that looks like a seal in water but assumes human form on land


Selkie, in partnership with Kenmore, WA's ƛ̕ax̌ʷadis (Tl' awh-ah-dees) Park, empowers youth who identify as female in our community by offering a paddle program that serves as a unique platform for self-discovery and confidence building. We will also offer ‘all paddles’ open to anyone interested in the sport.

Two yearly ‘sessions’ (Spring - Fall / Summer ) will begin with an entry level paddle experience reviewing gear, water safety and PSUPA instructor guidelines. 

* Eight well maintained recreation SUP boards with adjustable paddles, leashes and PFDs are supplied


Selkie: Youth 14-18 who identify as female 

  • Every Tuesday & Wednesday 5:00pm-7:00pm  April 16th- November 1st 

  • Max eight participants (10 with additional coach)

  • You can bring your own equipment and safety gear after vetting


All Paddle: Ages 14+ all welcome

  • Sundays 10:00am-12:00pm June 15th-September 15th

  • Available for those who have attended min four SELKIE Program sessions, one private lesson or have been vetted (please email for lessons and vetting)

  • From seeing just how far you can paddle to learning more about technique and adventure

  • Race preparedness

  • Max eight (10 with additional coach)

  • You can bring your own equipment and safety gear after vetting

SWIM TESTS ARE REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION please email for locations nearest you

A mainstay of SEASTR’s mission is to expand the confines of what is considered surfing, paddling, or any other rigid definition of sport. Limiting what’s considered “valid” only limits what’s possible—and it often limits who is welcome or accepted. Instead of focusing strictly on the sport, SEASTR is all about

the experience.

The 1st 4 ‘sessions’ will cover the following:

  • Gear & Equipment

  • Basic Elements of SUP

  • Safety

  • Goals for the season

Erica Lichty is SEASTR's founder and head coach and is PSUPA certified.

The Professional Stand Up Paddle Association’s goal is to support an international community of stand up paddle board (SUP) instructors and business professionals; to promote high standards for safe, innovative, and quality instruction; and to inspire professional and personal growth through a shared passion for paddling.

Primarily for young women ( but with allocated times for co-ed and mixed ages), Selkie’s mission is to introduce youth to possibilities within themselves and develop a relationship with the water. Youth paddle camps offer a pathway for them to recognize their potential. We anticipate that this space will allow them to discover a version of themselves that is strong, confident and authentic.

For the rest of the season each program will discover and cover:


  • Stand Up Paddling to your ability - this is a dynamic sport

  • Types of Stand Up Paddling

  • Guest speakers

  • River cleanups

  • Community Racing

  • Voyage planning

  • Adventure racing

  • Land & water workouts (exercise equipment supplied)

Participation in water sports enhances self-esteem and a sense of achievement, granting youth control over their abilities and nurturing leadership qualities that extend beyond sports. Our program is dedicated to promoting gender equality by challenging stereotypes and providing equal opportunities for women AND men thereby influencing their careers, personal growth, and leadership.

“The process of getting ready for the voyage and learning about the water that I had always lived

around, taught me so much and allowed a new and meaningful space for me to find focus. At this point I

am recognizing that paddling is far from an escape or replacement but a pursuit all its own”


- Alexa Carr Seattle WA Kayak

  • From one-on-one lessons to retreats helping prepare for endurance races, SEASTR can provide all levels of instruction and preparedness. The Northwest offers many community races and adventure series. SEASTR has participated in most of them and is here to help guide others so they too can enjoy all these waters have to offer. 

  • Encouraging and supporting others in water sports helps promote gender equality. By breaking down traditional gender stereotypes and barriers, it challenges the notion that certain sports are only for men. This fosters a more inclusive society where women and men have equal opportunities to participate and excel in water sports.

  • Participation in water sports can empower us by boosting our self-confidence, self-esteem, and sense of accomplishment. As we develop our skills, we gain a greater sense of control over our bodies and abilities, helping us challenge societal norms and take on leadership roles both within the sports community and in other areas of our lives.

  • Water sports offer numerous physical and mental health benefits. Encouraging others to engage in these activities promotes their overall well-being, fitness, and active lifestyles.

  • SEASTR fosters empowerment by offering experiences designed to help participants move outside their comfort zones and into places of growth and discovery.

  • By facilitating opportunities for racing, voyaging, camps, and clinics, SEASTR acknowledges human health--emotional and physical--is intrinsically linked to nature. SEASTR's experiences dive deep into "Blue Space," facilitating access to the coastal regions shown to improve our health, body, and mind.

  • We create a space where we can focus on our strengths and feel respected and expand on water skills, environmentalism and dreams.

  • The Selkie Program includes year round instruction as well as several immersive 3-5 day camps (2025) in the spring and summer that includes speakers and films pertaining to the sport, overcoming challenges and metal health and pathways to leadership opportunities in maritime.

  • We want to make sure that inclusionary pathways to the marine world are not only made known but that the tools and resources are there as well. We should know our rights and  learn to advocate not only for ourselves but for all.

  • Encouraging inclusivity and creating access for diverse communities can have a significant impact on the maritime industry. A more inclusive workforce, enhanced cultural competence, skills development, innovation, expanded market reach, and improved social responsibility. By actively embracing diversity, the industry can thrive and adapt to the evolving global landscape while fostering a more equitable and sustainable future.

  • Participants in our the program will not only be able to get paddle lessons but have access to organizations that offer auxiliary certifications, safety training and even swimming. Program experiences range from one-on-one lessons to overnight retreats (2025). Included are informative events that focus on skills, safety, community, art, literature and mental health resources. SEASTR along with her partners can provide gear, food, transportation and lodging if needed.

“Mentoring younger women in my sport has been at the top of the list in these later years of my paddling

career. That is why what SEASTR is doing resonates with me so strongly. It gives me an opportunity to be

vulnerable and honest about my story and provide advice and wisdom to help younger women navigate

their personal goals with self love, determination and balance. I think the magic is sharing our personal stories and journeys.”


- Carol Shick Stevenson WA Outrigger Canoe

The City of Kenmore has funds available for scholarships which let’s SEASTR focus their fundraising efforts on gear, events and compensation to coaches and vendors.


KWAC (Kenmore Water Activity Center) requires a yearly membership fee of $20.00

Monthly dues for Selkie are as follows:

$75.00 Team Selkie up to three X week (Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday *Summer)

$50.00 Selkie ‘All Paddle’ one X week (Sundays *Summer June 15th - September 15th)

Please email

SUBJECT: Selkie for any information on scholarships or to sign up.

Upon joining our program you will be given information of payments, sign up and waivers.


*prices include coaching, race jerseys, discounts on swag, race fees, clinics, access to all SEASTR programming, speakers and discounts with partner companies and local maritime vents

In April of 2021, Kenmore City Council passed a unanimous motion to change the name of Squire’s Landing Park to ƛ̕ax̌ʷadis  (Tl' awh-ah-dees), the name of the Lushootseed village previously located in or near present-day downtown Kenmore. ƛ̕ax̌ʷadis  translates to “a place where something is grown or sprouts” and honors the Coast Salish People who originally inhabited the area, and the many Indigenous Peoples who still reside here.

Selkie emphasizes environmental conservation, with participants becoming advocates for clean water and eco-friendly practices. This commitment not only fosters clean, strong, inclusive communities but also aligns with our mission to create positive ripples in our community.

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