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val·​kyr·​ie, noun NORSE: any of the maidens in Norse mythology who take slain heroes to Valhalla


Program Valkyrie empowers people who identify as female in our community by offering a sailing program that serves as a unique platform for self-discovery and confidence building.


PV24 (Project Valkyrie 2024) will be focusing on participants from underrepresented communities joining our crew on an adventure…we will select several intentional races here in the Salish Sea where our guests will not only begin their relationship with the water but grow as sailors in a friendly competitive environment. We will document and celebrate their journey.

Included in PV24:

  • An introduction to sailing with a base crew of 3-4 experienced sailors

  • Participation in our preselected races that will last from Spring 2024 - Fall 2024

  • Access to life saving equipment and other gear at little to no cost

  • Navigation class

  • Transportation on a case by case basis

  • Connection to community

The cost to be a part of PV24 is zero

Please email for information on being a part of this years PV24 team

If you identify as female, and/or are a part of the BIPOC / LGBTQ+ community you are encouraged to apply.

The most important thing is for us to not ‘exit stage right’ once we make these spaces available.


If the environment resonates with someone you have literally created an opportunity for them to make big changes in their lives, their family and community.  


With a love of the water and with developing a relationship with it you can inevitably make a living there as well. 


This is where we want to make sure that inclusionary pathways to the maritime world are not only made known but that the tools and resources are there as well. We should know our rights and  learn to advocate not only for ourselves but for all.

Participation in water sports enhances self-esteem and a sense of achievement, granting us control over our abilities and nurturing leadership qualities that extend beyond sports. Our program is dedicated to promoting gender equality by challenging stereotypes and providing equal opportunities for women, men and non-binary thereby influencing their careers, personal growth, and leadership.


Valkyrie emphasizes environmental conservation, with participants becoming advocates for clean water and eco-friendly practices. This commitment not only fosters clean, strong, inclusive communities but also aligns with our mission to create positive ripples in our community.

SV Valkyrie is currently at Elliott Bay Marina in Seattle WA 



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