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promoting opportunities for women to engage with the water through surf SUP and sail clinics


creating a safe platform that opens up dialogues and creates conversation at local events and speaking engagements


offering situations that may put us outside our comfort zone to promote growth wether it be racing, voyaging or camps/clinics


it's about


SEASTRS We hear you and we see you. 

An avenue for self-empowerment is physical health. There are many challenges associated with breaking barriers that are both self and societally built. Our bodies are amazing and capable of incredible things. Realizing your potential is gratifying and uplifting, endorphins don’t lie! When we combine physical hurdles with group support we find solace in not being alone and we push ourselves harder than ever. Mental health has been compartmentalized and set aside, talk about feeling trapped and alone. There are so many suffering and the #metoo movement broke through the silence and we must carry the torch and be there for one another exploring the boundless possibilities available for healing for women and men.


Many of us juggle work, friends and family while trying to eek out some ‘me time’. Bouncing from one exercise class to another, trying to get outside once in a while, searching for others to help motivate or break into new sports. All the while maybe feeling that twinge of guilt that we might be being selfish in such pursuits, “must be nice to have the time to do X”, “shouldn’t you be doing more with your family?”, “don’t you think your time could be spent doing something more productive?” We are in a society that accepts and encourages taking time to see doctors and therapists and downing pills and while these treatments are absolutely necessary in many cases (my case not excluded), we seem to have overlooked the fact that we are overextended and asking way too much of ourselves which might be contributing to preexisting conditions like depression anxiety and PTSD. Taking the lead, making the time and setting new goals is good for the heart and soul and inspires others around you inevitably creating healthier bonds with the people in your life.


We offer a sanctuary that fosters the physical/mental growth journey. We have clinics that open doors to and promotes women’s activities such as sailing, paddling, surfing and free diving.


Let’s play heal and grow!

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