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"There is an incredible connection in the community of women Erica inspires to bring together. Laughing in the surf. Conquering strong currents. Sharing a campfire. Each experience I’ve shared on and off of the water with these women has enriched my life: mind, body, and spirit. Happiness is a wave, but joy is a party wave with SEASTRs!" 
- Shelby Mass, Oak Harbor


“ said something at your presentation with regards to your 17 year old self…floating around…unsure what to do next…you knew something wasn't right…by honing your vision, you are, by default, laying the path for so many of us…maybe 17 maybe 37.  We are following that call to community, adventure and sisterhood…”

- Karie Lynn, Downing Seattle WA


I’m not sure how to describe my first encounter with Erica and Seastrpnw. Life changing seems cliche , but truly it changed my path. What was supposed to be a just a”surfing lesson” was an experience in reaching down and digging deeper for my dreams . She inspired me to become the person I wanted to be but wasn’t sure where to start . Now I am part of an amazing group of women who are also on their own paths of discovery and will forever be a part of my life. Thank you Erica for your support, encouragement and inspiration, I am so proud to be a seastr  

- Kat, Deer Park WA

 "  I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere by myself and needed some guidance.  It is also bit terrifying to try bigger waves without someone there to make sure you're ok.  I have always wanted to make it out to the 'deep end' but I never surfed with others confident to do so. Erica took me to the deep end and we worked on technique and reading waves. I think surfing is one of hardest sports and it's really important to have a good teacher to go out with you. I highly recommend this experience  because I wouldn't have been able to improve my paddling or understand how to get out to the larger waves without Erica. I plan to go back and get more lessons so I can drop in and turn. I am super confident she will be the teacher who guides me to be an amazing surfer." 


- Chris Nee, West Seattle

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