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From sailing certification resources and safety training to sailing on Valkyrie, SEASTR can help facilitate pathways.  We are involved in community races and overnight adventures.

We offer resources and collaborative events with other sailing orgs, racing on Valkyrie, overnight trips and training for and qualifying for endurance races.

Every year Valkyrie will enter 1 endurance race. The crew will be selected for that particular challenge and SEASTR will outfit the crew with gear, provide food, transportation and lodging.

This is a sailing program that is accessible, inclusive and anti-discriminatory.

Encouraging and supporting women in water sports helps promote gender equality. By breaking down traditional gender stereotypes and barriers, it challenges the notion that certain sports are only for men. This fosters a more inclusive society where women have equal opportunities to participate and excel in water sports.

Valkyrie is currently located at Elliott Bay Marina in Seattle WA

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