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Empowering women in and on the water can lead to educational opportunities and skill development. We promote women's participation provide training, workshops, and scholarships, enhancing women's knowledge, skills, and leadership potential. These educational opportunities can have a broader impact on their lives, including career advancements and personal growth.

SEASTR creates a space where we do not have to qualify our statements and questions instead women can focus on there own strengths and feel respected and safe so they can expand on their water skills and dreams.

Cyclical events reviewing charts, tides and currents will be offered through SEASTR (Erica Lichty is a graduate of the California State Maritime Academy and a licensed boat operator) as well as resources and collaborations with other maritime programs in the Northwest.

We can develop of strong and inclusive communities by engaging women in marine knowledge. This fosters teamwork, collaboration, and social cohesion. It also provides opportunities for networking, mentorship, and support systems, creating a sense of belonging and community spirit.

Offerings will include but will not be limited to:

Charts 101

Tides & Currents that build on voyage planning and adventure racing

WA State Boaters Education Certification

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