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SEASTR invites people to participate in a sport that is accessible here in the PNW that allows them to promote healing from within.

From one-on-one lessons to retreats helping prepare for endurance races, SEASTR can provide all levels of instruction and preparedness. The Northwest offers many community races and adventure series. SEASTR has participated in most of them and is here to help guide others so they too can enjoy all these waters have to offer from Hood River to Vancouver Island.

When women excel in water sports, they break barriers and inspire other women and girls to participate. Their achievements serve as role models and encourage others to challenge societal norms and overcome obstacles. This can lead to a cultural shift, where the perception of what women can achieve in sports is expanded, ultimately leading to increased opportunities for all.

Retreats, collaborative clinics, one on one paddle lessons are all available for entry-level to adventure race preparedness.


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