SEASTR Nonprofit has procured a vessel as a foundation boat to expand the tools available to women on the water - we have lovingly named her Valkyrie

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The Valkyrie symbol has come to represent many attributes, in particular courage, physical strength and the empowerment of women.

One-design with an intriguing blend of performance and simplicity

The motto of this new one-design sport boat is "no speed limits." This aptly describes the Synergy 1000. The 32-footer is an intriguing project by Timeless Marine Inc., a Seattle, Washington, company that specializes in custom construction and large renovation projects. Designed by Carl Schumacher, this boat combines great performance with relative ease of handling.

The Synergy 1000 appears sleek and austere at first glance, yet a closer look reveals the grace and simplicity of its design. The bow is nearly vertical, the entry hollow, and the reverse transom extends the LWL to 29 feet, 2 inches, or roughly 90 percent of the LOA. When viewed in profile, the reverse sheer is obvious. This is something that either turns you on or off, depending upon your politics. Designer Bob Perry has noted that there may be added strength to the reverse sheer, as it opposes the hull's fore and aft bending loads. Schumacher has a lot of experience with this concept. There is a nice flare to the forward sections.

The details Speed and low weight are synonymous with sport boats; you can't have enough of the one if you don't have the other. The Synergy 1000 displaces just 4,400 pounds, with 1,850 pounds in ballast, placing it pound for pound somewhere between the J/90 and J/105.

The hull and deck are cold-molded composite construction, with the outer skin composed of vacuum-bagged carbon fiber. This technique uses a male mold and allows for a seamless hull-and-deck joint, which is both strong and adds to the sleek appearance. Carbon fiber is used throughout the boat, including the spar, the bowsprit, the rudder, rudder stock and the tiller assembly.

Valkyrie will be on the 'hard' until 2023.  After splash down she will be involved in local race series.  SEASTR will be reaching out to and collaborating with other entities to provide access to sailing and racing in the Pacific Northwest for the BIPOC community and the marginalized.

We will be actively fundraising and grant writing to make sure she is properly and safely outfitted for 2023 and the beginning of what we hope will be a legacy for the waterpeople of the Pacific Northwest. 


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