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Advocate Healer

Elizabeth Selig

At the core, I personally, want to be on or in the water as much as possible. Period. Inspiring, being inspired, moving the body with nature and creating.

I’m all in when it comes to saying “Yes” to getting in there and figuring it out.

My practice on Maui is Reiki (energetic body work) and Transformational Kinesiology, which is an interpersonal, goal based therapy using Kinesiology to find and remove limiting beliefs.

I am currently studying systematic constellation, ceremony and dreamwork with Sarah McLean Bicknell in the Arbor Legacy. Working occasional art and music events on maui are a joy and pleasure.

These are some of my branches. allow and expand A Soft Landing to a place of long term financial sovereignty and service, this is my need as a single woman, mother and spiritual community participant and leader…

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