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Erica Lichty
 "I am on a journey and SEASTR is part of that story.  In helping share what tools I have been given I am also healing."

Erica was born and raised in the PNW.  Her father is a boat captain and her mother a designer,  in turn, she is a bit of both... sailing the San Juans as a family and working alongside her mother on job sites. After graduating from the California State Maritime Academy and working on oil rigs and supply boats she applied her skills in the yachting world.


She has spent 22 years as a self-made interior yacht and residential designer. During that time she has maintained a very healthy involvement in the outdoor community in the Pacific Northwest. She would like to nurture that growth and hopefully leave a legacy for her family and others. Her company SEASTR PNW, a not-for-profit organization, focuses on Socio-Environmental Advocacy, SEA.


"The lack of female representation in outdoor sports is crushing and we hope to be of some service not only for fun but to challenge, grow and recover. There is an irrefutable link between Us and our Surroundings. I want nothing more than to convey the vision me and my colleagues share as this has some serious passion behind it."

Let's play heal and grow - 

Douglas Fir Photography

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