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SEASTR’s founder Erica Lichty was born and raised in the PNW. Her father was a boat captain and mother a designer.  After graduating from the California State Maritime Academy and working on oil rigs and supply boats Erica Applied her skills in the yacht world. She has spent 22 years as a self-made interior yacht and residential designer. In that time she has maintained a very healthy involvement in the outdoor community in the Pacific Northwest and currently holds her 100 Ton Masters License. She would like to nurture growth in our community and leave a legacy for her family and others. Her company, SEASTR PNW, is a not for profit organization focusing on Socio-Environmental Advocacy, SEA.

In 2021, 2022 and 2023 Erica raced the seventy48, a 70-mile human-powered race in the Salish Sea that must be completed in 48 hours. In finishing she became the first female to finish the race three times on a stand up paddle board.  In 2021 her race story was documented in a film called Stand Up by Vester Media and Our World Films. 

“…Stand Up follows two women who champion against female marginalization and cultivate community through water sports. Both moms and athletes, they stand up paddle board a 70 mile race in 48 hours to empower, encourage, and raise awareness.”

Erica is the paddle columnist for the Northwest Maritime Center’s iconic 48 North magazine, a mentor at Maritime High School in Seattle and active in the paddle racing community… when the time allows.

Between the year 2021 and today Erica has placed 3rd and 1st in the Gorge Downwind Championships in her division and SEASTR has held 2 downwind paddle retreats in Hood River OR, 4 seventy48 clinics in Salish waters and over 10 surf retreats between Westport and Port Angeles WA.

Erica recently became an Ambassador for Mustang Survival. “I am honored to be part of a company that is helping rewrite what winning looks like and takes chances on athletes that stand for a cause.” - Erica Lichty

“SEASTR is a nonprofit, which means that we're able to offer experiences to participants at little to no cost. While access to the maritime community is a multi-faceted conversation, our low-cost programming aims to help alleviate the financial factor, break down the barrier of affluence, and encourage equal access. Inclusion will change the way this world operates and with reciprocity we create sustainability. “

  • Erica Lichty

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