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team SEASTR placed 1st and 2nd in the Female SUP Division and 4th and 5th overall SUP at the 2021 Seventy48 Race
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SEASTRS We hear you and we see you. 

An avenue for self-empowerment is physical health. There are many challenges associated with breaking barriers that are both self and societally built. Our bodies are amazing and capable of incredible things.  Realizing your potential is gratifying and uplifting, endorphins don’t lie! When we combine physical hurdles with group support we find solace in not being alone and we push ourselves harder than ever. Mental health has been compartmentalized and set aside, talk about feeling trapped and alone.  There are so many suffering and the #metoo movement broke through the silence and we must carry the torch and be there for one another exploring the boundless possibilities available for healing.


Many of us juggle work, friends and family while trying to eek out some ‘me time’.  Bouncing from one exercise class to another, trying to get outside once in a while, searching for others to help motivate or break into new sports.  All the while maybe feeling that twinge of guilt that we might be being selfish in such pursuits, “must be nice to have the time to do X”, “shouldn’t you be doing more with your family?”, “don’t you think your time could be spent doing something more productive?”  We are in a society that accepts and encourages taking time to see doctors and therapists and downing pills and while these treatments are absolutely necessary in many cases (my case not excluded), we seem to have overlooked the fact that we are overextended and asking way too much of ourselves which might be contributing to preexisting conditions like depression anxiety and PTSD.  Taking the lead, making the time and setting new goals is good for the heart and soul and inspires others around you inevitably creating healthier bonds with the people in your life.


SEASTR would like to offer a sanctuary that fosters the physical/mental growth journey.  Private classes are offered that are Barre inspired with additional ergometer and cycle and weight routines as well.  We have clinics that open doors to and promotes women’s activities such as mountain biking, gravel riding, road biking, surfing, SUP and running.  There are also be retreats, clinics, group therapy and cooking classes available that focus on nutrition for an active lifestyle. (Stay tuned...)


Let’s play heal and grow!

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Erica Whisenant

Athlete/Fitness Coach/Designer





  1. a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise

It was tough for me to put athlete on my bio, that's my hang-up and one I am overcoming.  I am on a journey and SEASTR is part of that story.  In helping share what tools I have been given I am also healing. 

I have spent 20 years as a self-made interior designer and kitchen and bath specialist.  In that time I have maintained a very healthy involvement in the outdoor community here in the Pacific Northwest.  Originally from Seattle (my son is 5th generation Lake Forest Park) I moved to Olympia because of its beauty, originality and potential.  I have begun to put down roots here and it behooves me to nurture that growth and hopefully leave a legacy for my own family and others here in the community and so my primary focus is SEASTR PNW.  I see no reason why we cannot be on the proverbial map as an epi-center for outdoor activities here in Upper Left USA. The lack of female representation in outdoor sports is crushing and we hope to be of some service not only for fun but to challenge, grow and recover. I want nothing more than to convey the vision me and my colleagues share as this has some serious passion behind it. 


(Some facts about me)

Accomplished sculler, snowboarder, runner, SUPer, surfer and cyclist

PADI Certified Open Water Diver

100 Ton Vessel Captain

Barre Certified Teacher

Interior Designer



(Competitor in)

Neah Bay Paddle Challenge 14’ stock Neah Bay WA

2X Deception Pass Paddle Challenge 14’ stock Anacortes WA

The Hammer 16M SUP Race 14' stock Hammersley Inlet WA

1st Place Women’s Masters Endouro Sturdy Dirty MTB Race Tiger Mt WA

4X Capital City ½ Marathon

1X Capital City Full Marathon

1st place female SUP 2021 seventy48 race

Sara Washburn, Owner / Guide / Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast

E- RYT 200

Just Breathe Registered Yoga School
Certified SUP Yoga & Stand UP Paddle Board Instructor
WPA Level 2 Instructor 
Starboard SUP Yoga Global Team Ambassador 
Paddle into Fitness Master Trainer

Leah Harvey

Leah is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & 200 HR RYT. After years of being a dedicated yoga student she began teaching in 2017.  She has experience teaching in all settings - gym, boutique and private- and founded a strong yoga community overseas in Tunisia where she lived prior to moving to Olympia. 

She has dedicated her business to helping women live their most vibrant lives through mindful nutrition and movement.  She specializes in helping women overcome obsessive dieting habits and patterns, and is trained in a highly effective nutrition method called Moderation 365.  Her signature program combines her love for yoga with stress-free nutrition to help women create more space to live in abundance.

As a military wife she also provides yoga to veterans and Service members. She has worked with Veterans Yoga Project to help raise awareness to the benefits of yoga and meditation within the military and is currently studying to become a Trauma Informed Level II teacher with Warriors at Ease.


"  I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere by myself and needed some guidance.  It is also bit terrifying to try bigger waves without someone there to make sure you're ok.  I have always wanted to make it out to the 'deep end' but I never surfed with others confident to do so. Erica took me to the deep end and we worked on technique and reading waves. I think surfing is one of hardest sports and it's really important to have a good teacher to go out with you. I highly recommend this experience  because I wouldn't have been able to improve my paddling or understand how to get out to the larger waves without Erica. I plan to go back and get more lessons so I can drop in and turn. I am super confident she will be the teacher who guides me to be an amazing surfer." 

- Chris Nee West Seattle


Getting Here:

We are a stone's throw from Boston Harbor Marina...super cool 

Our Address:

512 72nd Ave NE Olympia WA 98506



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