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We would like to offer a biannual speaker series 1) "Why Not", where we explore women in the pacific northwest doing tough things that stretches the boundaries of what it means to be a mother lover or friend in this society 2) " Becoming" young women and empowerment/puberty 'Menarche' where a woman meets her power, menstruation where we practice our power and women re-wilding themselves through menopause when we become our power.  *Kristen Lewis quoting Native American story on Becoming
*SEASTR is also working on formatting a curriculum that can be used in schools and athletic programs for young people to better prepare them and give them some tools when dealing with the possibility of sexual assault and verbal abuse and manipulation.


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SEASTR along with her partners would like to promote adventure challenges that help us discover our Selves and how far we can go inside and out.  Preparing for life's challenges with classes, clinics, opportunities and supporting local paddle racing, sailing, Voyaging, R2AK race or seventy48,  Our goal is to open up these possibilities to Women and the BIPOC Community.

Entry fees, equipment and travel can hinder many from participating in clinics, races and challenges.  We are setting up a fund for those that need it the most so we can offer a platform accessible to ALL.

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