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Sailing Program Director

Molly Howe - Captain 

Molly grew up sailing the coast of Maine aboard her parents 32’ cruising boat and sailing with friends. She often spent weeks aboard during the summer traveling from Casco bay up to Roque Island. 


Prior to her senior year in high school, she lived aboard a Freres 50 aluminum sloop in the San Juan Islands of Washington. While in college her sailing career thrived, and she walked onto the Varsity Sailing team, sailing over 100 days a year.


Molly sailed a wide variety of boats from 420’s, Colgate 26, Catalina 37’s and Navy 44s. 


After graduating in 2015 she moved to Seattle with her now husband. She lives aboard a Farr 50 and sails competitively 3 days a week and almost every weekend from spring to late winter on their Melges 24, Tasar or friends’ keel boats. Most recently she successfully competed in the Pacific Cup race from San Francisco to

Hawaii on an Aerodyne 43. They finished 4th in class and 15th overall.


  • Her husband Jake Newton says this about being involved in SEASTR’s Inclusive Sailing Program:

    • "... I believe in the mission, and I think I can help. I think the Valkyrie project will open doors for some people and help others find closure. It is an opportunity for me to help bring more people into a sport I am passionate about, and help teach them about having fun. It is about being connected with the wind and water, and it is a competitive outlet that so many people are missing in their adult lives. Putting together a sailing program takes all kinds of people, as does sailing the boat. Athletes are great sailors, but so are organizers, and people who love puzzles, and people who are tactically minded. Leaders have a place and so do followers. There is a need for all types of people to make a sailing program successful. So, why do I want to be involved? I want to be involved because I want to help guide people towards sailing in a way that will engage whichever part of them will find the most success..."

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