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In Water Photographer


Carly Giles Pinkfin Photography


I’ve loved photography since childhood—from disposable cameras and flip phones to little waterproof digital cameras and film to my first DSLR.

I grew up and currently live in Hoquiam, Washington with my husband Buck and our three little boys. We own Buck’s Northwest in Seabrook, WA where we have all sorts of outdoor adventures on land and in the ocean. It’s been the BEST thing to be able to grab my camera and join him and his guests as they go out! We’re also the new owners of La Vogue Cyclery in Hoquiam.

If I’m with a surfer, a family outing, or hired for surf lessons, I primarily get action and candid shots of everything from start to finish—carrying boards to the water, paddling out, catching waves, wiping out, etc.. If it’s not a good surf day, you can also find me just swimming around, taking pictures of the water and the movement of the waves.

There is so much respect, wonder and life-giving energy in this element, and every moment I’m in it I feel so much joy and gratitude.

Take care, and watch for sharks!

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