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SEASTR is backing women and their adventures in the waters of the Northwest.

It is our belief that by encouraging people to find out more about the possibilities within themselves we  create pathways to healthier lives, families and communities.


We have procured a sailboat, SV Valkyrie, to create

accessible sailing here in the PNW.

SEASTR advocates for anti-discriminatory water related activities focused on inclusivity.


Raising money and awareness regarding Valkyrie can be used to open many doors for others and so can sponsorship of women who are interested in surfing,

open water rowing, paddling, free-diving and other water related activities.


So we asked,

 “ if SEASTR could help you reach you goals what would that look like?”

We received answers from childcare to dry suits.

IMG_2913 Copy.jpg

SEASTR is a nonprofit, which means that we're able to offer experiences to participants at little to no cost.  While access to the maritime community is a multi-faceted conversation, our low-cost programming aims to help alleviate the financial factor, break down the barrier of affluence, and encourage equal access. Inclusion will change the way this world operates and with reciprocity we create sustainability.  We need your support now more than ever.

Through fundraising, partnerships and grants we can help you cross the 'finish line'. 


Want to circumnavigate the San Juan Islands with your daughter? Complete one the many adventure races offered in the PNW? Experience sailing the Salish Seas? Surf with pelicans?!

If you identify as female, have a water related challenge let us know how we can help.... safety, travel, gear, support...

- your community is here for YOU.

please email for more information

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